£5 Front Line Support Voucher

Cambscuisine’s Community Fund is teaming up with two charities that are right at the front line of support during this crisis, The Red Hen Project and Cambridge Sustainable Food (see links below). We are providing chefs and other staff (all volunteering) into the kitchens to help with the effort. However they need money and here’s where we and you come together to help!

Please purchase a £5 voucher from Cambscuisine, which will be redeemable at any of our pubs and restaurants when we fire them back up. We will donate all of your £5 to these two charities; both are working so hard to make a difference right now. Our goal is to raise £10,000 in two weeks.

It’s a win win! You get £5 off your next visit to a Cambscuisine venue and you’re helping a local charity perform really important work. Thank you so much!


Your money will go to two places:


With children now confined to home, their vulnerability has increased, and The Red Hen Project are working hard to ensure that they can be fed, clothed, washed and entertained safely.

Red Hen was established 20 years ago to address the needs of vulnerable children in North Cambridge and help those struggling to thrive at school. Working intensively in the home, our team help families addresses behaviour difficulties, reluctance to attend school, routines, accessing out of school activities, problems with housing, benefits, debts, health, mental health, relationship breakdown, domestic violence, anything that is making life difficult for children and parents.


If you have everything you need, please consider supporting another child whose life was already at breaking point before this crisis started.

Cambridge Sustainable Food is working closely with the Cambridge Food Poverty Alliance and the voluntary sector to ensure that those in need are fed during the Covid-19 crisis. This includes cooking and delivering healthy meals and bags of shopping to vulnerable people, setting up and supplying emergency food hubs at venues around the city and operating a phone line and referral scheme for people in need.